Academic Freedom

I bet you can pick out which of the conversations in the comment section of this article was between me and “Bob.”

In which the INTJ teacher attempts unsuccessfully to explain why academic freedom is important.

It seems I should be keeping score of how many men above the age of 50 I have put at risk of an aneurysm by having what I thought was a perfectly reasonable and amicable conversation.

Apoplexies inflicted: 2

Last updated: 29 April 2016


5 thoughts on “Academic Freedom

  1. That seriously made me laugh out loud. I just did something similar last week. Someone apologized to me saying that he realized he probably offended me often without even realizing it and I said, “No actually, you’ve been really good that last year or so, thinking before you speak, etc.” Yeah, that went over really well ;0)


    INTJ student for life


    1. Haha! I can’t imagine why that wouldn’t have gone well. 🙂 I’m slowly coming to terms with the notion that things I say with the intention of being helpful or complimentary are frequently interpreted as me implying someone is an idiot.


      1. The funny thing is that this man has a reputation for being a hot head, and my husband once told him he needed to apologize to me. I was actually telling him that I though the had improved. Go figure.


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